Since 1989 Diversi Foods has been an authority in the world of baked goods. Our products are known for their authentic, qualitative and innovative nature. These 3 foundational pillars are deeply imbedded within our organization. We aim to meet our customers’ strictest demands whilst respecting original recipes & traditional production methods. To stay true to authenticity we only work with GMO-free ingredients and all raw materials are selected with the utmost care. Over the years we have become a total supplier of a wide range of bakery products; both in bake-off & fresh. We have gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience, so it’s no wonder that we’ve grown into an international player.

Products and brands

Bakery products

Ambiant, Chilled, Frozen

Bakery products, pastry & cake

Ambiant, Chilled, Frozen

Bread (general)

Ambiant, Chilled, Frozen

Croissants, other pastry butter

Ambiant, Chilled, Frozen



Available in the following countries

Finland, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Slovakia, Sweden, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America